Option Drops
Option Drops
Option Drops is a premier educator when it comes to trading, and their knowledge ultimately led to the creation of an essential trading tool. Whether you are a novice trader looking for some hedge or an experienced investor aiming to bring more power to your trading arsenal, Option Drops can help you push your trading level even further with this carefully crafted indicator.
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Inspecting Trading Activity To its Core
Isn’t trading all about knowing if the majority is buying or selling? This tool allows you to precisely know who is in power in the market between bulls and bears, highlighting buying and selling volume over time.

Upgrade Your Volume Analysis
The Buy and Sell Side Volume indicator additionally includes information on the total volume for the day, current volume, previous bar volume, and pre-market volume, all easily and quickly accessible on your chart, giving you the edge in the most volatile markets.

Product Information
What’s Included:

LuxAlgo Price Action Concepts toolkit + screener

Optiondrops - Buy and Sell Side Volume


Option Drops is dedicated to educating individuals on effective trading strategies and enhancing their day trading skills, providing valuable insights into the stock market, and keeping their followers informed about the latest developments and significant events.

With technical analysis playing a key part in their educational mindset, it felt natural to propose a technical indicator deeply rooted in volume, one of the determinant pieces of information any trader should analyze.

Powered by the Tradingview charting platform, the Buy and Sell Side Volume indicator has been carefully crafted to allow a maximum degree of customizability while empowering users to see the maximum amount of information possible, pushing your ability to analyze any asset to the next level.


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