Challenge the market like never before.

Build your perfect trading strategy with our industry leading Backtesting System™.

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The best tools, now with next-gen backtesting.

Our Backtesting System™ unites signals, price action, AI, and the rest of TA in a slick, end-to-end solution to further enhance your trading experience.

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A no-nonsense way to backtest.

Easily build stellar strategies.

A full system designed to easily create powerful trading strategies for all 3 of our exclusive toolkits.

The best win rates, 1-click away.

Use our advanced optimization dashboard to find the best win rates, profits, max drawdown, and more on your signals for any ticker/timeframe.

Advanced buy & sell filters.

Use our Signals & Overlays™ toolkit to filter all of your features in complex ways and backtest it all with high efficiency.

Backtest price action like a pro.

Our step & match technology allows you to replicate human-like strategies immediately. The closest thing you’ll get to backtesting price action.

Fast speeds built-in with TradingView®

All features within the new Backtesting System™ work directly with TradingView’s Strategy Tester engine.

Connect your strategy everywhere

Whether you're just testing your strategy or fully automating your trades, you have full flexibility with easy to setup alerts & webhooks.

or any third party automation platform

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$719.88 / year

You save 50% a year

For data-driven traders who want to professionally backtest it all.

All features from LuxAlgo in 1 plan:

All 3 Backtesting System strategy scripts

All 3 exclusive LuxAlgo toolkits on TradingView

Community access w/ scanners, bots, & backtesting

User strategies, setups, & backtests shared weekly

Priority 24/7 support & active product updates



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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30 day money back guarantee. Cancel anytime in one-click from within your account. A link to get instant access is prompted to you directly after signing up. Trade at your own risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Frequent questions

How do I get access to this?

The Backtesting System is exclusive for the Ultimate plan which you can sign up for above or on our pricing page.

If you're a Premium or Essential plan subscriber already, you can upgrade to the Ultimate plan by logging in here.

What's included in the Ultimate Plan?

The Ultimate Plan gives you all the perks of Premium plus our Backtesting System product.

All 3 of our toolkits, individual strategy scripts for each so you can backtest them, an exclusive community section for Ultimate users, priority support, and more.

Will this product be discontinued?

The Backtesting System is now out of beta and is available with a subscription to the Ultimate Plan above.

If you're on a Premium or Essential Plan, you need to upgrade your subscription within your account to get access.

Is this plan for me?

The strategy scripts within the Ultimate Plan were designed for users who want to get advanced settings to backtest a large variety of our features.

We have docs & tutorials for you to understand our backtesting product, however, keep in mind past performance is no guarantee of future results and this product was not designed for beginners looking to find a magical trading strategy they can blindly rely on.

This plan is best for data-driven traders who understand the limitations of backtesting & want to take their experience with our premium toolkits to the next level.

Can I use a discount code?

As of the release of our tiered pricing & the Ultimate Plan which includes the Backtesting System, any discounts we are offering are automatically applied.

By paying annually for the Ultimate Plan, you can get up to 50% off compared to paying monthly.

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