Easily find trading opportunities
LuxAlgo allows you to go further than any ordinary indicator. Build & filter out your trading setup with our powerful screeners for every market. Sort your favorite stocks, crypto, or currency pairs by any LuxAlgo feature.

Screen for the best signals
No more endless doom-scrolling through your watchlist to find the right setup. Pick the most important features & metrics from any of our toolkits & easily find the right setups for you while you focus on the charts that matter the most.
LuxAlgo trading chart showing signals screening feature

Any ticker, any timeframe
LuxAlgo gives you flexibility like no other for a custom screener. Leverage TradingView's built-in asset search for 100,000+ tickers to build your Screener. Multi-timeframe capabilities allow you to customize your selected assets to display the timeframes that matter the most to you.
LuxAlgo trading chart showing screener functionality for any ticker and timeframe

Professional-grade sorting & filtering
All of our Screeners come with an ability to sort your favorite assets from most bullish or bearish utilizing key features. Finding the most bullish assets based on LuxAlgo features is a seamless process.
LuxAlgo chart showing sorting & filtering of screener

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